Commercial Photography Challenge: making me better

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Commercial photography challenge posed and met head on.

Love a client who has ideas, a vision providing me with opportunity to evolve their vision, meld the 2 together making something better than we could create on our own.

This past spring, I photographed for a full day with Chuck at Voyago. We’ve done a lot of commercial photography together.

It was a brilliant sunny day. I was feeling it was too sunny for buses on the road then drivers with their buses.

These are tough conditions with harsh shadows. Not my first choice for lighting.

BUT as a pro I have to be realistic – when are their people and vehicles available? They’re on the road when the light is best.

Memories of wedding days when we’d work in open shade. Can’t do these beauties in open shade.

On my ride there I was concerned about the outcome. About how I could do the very best for my client.

I do love a challenge forcing me to come up with something strong creating images that speak to their organization, their brand.

They’re delighted with the results, so am I!

The staff were amazing too! They know their job, how certain tools work. We’d discuss what represents what they do honestly, clearly while considering safety regulations. All these are important pieces I must consider as a commercial photographer.

Went back a few weeks later for interiors with staff who work the phones. Later in the afternoon we headed out in “nicer” light to photograph their limo drivers.

It worked out well and yet there’s something about meeting the earlier challenge that stands out…

Thank you Chuck!

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