A Successful Photography Session

Product Photography

Had a successful photography session recently with a great team of professionals led by an AD who is, frankly, brilliant. A true collaborator open to ideas and input from the team he puts together.

Here’s a short video illustrating some of the results from a 2 day photography session while speaking to what it takes to produce effective Product Photography providing results that will grow your business.

We worked with Meaghan Dietrich and her team from Gemini Modelling Agency here in KW – fantastic, professional bunch!

We did a full day photographing products followed by a day working with models. Michael is excellent at keeping all of us informed about what these tools do. A number of the images will have 3d illustrations of bodies added.

One of the challenges faced was we wanted to have the feel of an operating theatre without it looking exactly like one. It would have been illegal to illustrate these products in an actual operating room. A delicate balance.

At the beginning of our session with the models, Michael brought in his experts who know how these tools are used in the OR so we could illustrate them properly. Huge right!

It was fantastic to hear about how these products are reducing recovery times after shorter surgeries with more successful results. Love it!