A Series of Portraits

Tech Ad portraits by David McCammon

Recently did a series of portraits of a dancer and jiu-jitsu expert for a Waterloo tech firm. The models we’re awesome!

Dancer portrait by David McCammon  Karate portrait by David McCammon

We worked in a hanger out at the airport. Very cool space! There was a film crew there I had to coordinate with. Well, I got to use the models when they didn’t need them. ?

Worked beautifully. Always been my favourite way to work – COLLABORATIVELY!

The whole crew was professional, upbeat.

And the art director? Back and forth between moving pictures and stills. Consistently there to add his insights to what was desired to both the movie crew and myself. Always good humoured and insightful.

A very long day for him. He even took my phone to grab a few images of me at work.

Tech Ad portraits by David McCammon      Tech Ad portraits by David McCammon

Always a delight to work with pros!