Sell Your Business with Professional Studio Portraits

Professional Studio Portraits by David McCammon Photogrpahy

Professional Studio Portraits are Key to Successfully Promote any Business

I took studio portraits of the Smythe’s the other day. I met them at a Black Card Books event in Ottawa where I took a portrait of Dave.

Dave and Wendy are the authors of the upcoming book:

“There is Nothing Sexy about Plumbing (or is there?) A How-to-Guide to Selecting a Plumber (or Any Home Contractor) you Can Trust”.

As you can imagine from their book title they were loads of fun to photograph. After a couple of conversations about clothing and props they drove from Ottawa to my Kitchener studio where we took a series of portraits for their book cover and marketing their business.

You just never know how someone’s going to be in front of the camera. These guys were amazing! What a great couple. We made some excellent portraits. And I mean “we” because that’s how I like to work!

Can’t wait until their book comes out!