A Photograph Recycled

Blue Box Founder photographed by David McCammon Photography

What a gas to see a photograph recycled I took 34 years ago!

Received the latest “Environews” from the Region of Waterloo yesterday.

It’s a great little publication the Region puts out quarterly providing insight into what they do and how individually we can be more environmentally responsible. From where to purchase rain barrels to how our new LRT is progressing, library info and what we can recycle.

I was delighted to see a story on the cover about the beginning of the “Blue Box” which started right here in Waterloo Region! The program was created by Nyle Ludolph who a year after the program first started I photographed for Exchange Magazine.

Interesting dude. Passionate about the Blue Box program and reigning in our waste. What an honour to photograph this innovator (and so many others since!). The portrait I took for Exchange appears in the upper right corner of Environews.