Industrial Photography at Region of Waterloo Landfill

Industrial Photography by David McCammon

“Oh, the places I’ve seen”… photographing our local landfill for the Region of Waterloo.

I’ve had many unique experiences as a photographer – from shooting mines to hospitals to manufacturing plants. Recently, it was industrial photography at our local landfill for the Region of Waterloo.

It’s incredible how efficiently the whole place is run.
Loads of waste come rolling in on trucks of various shapes and sizes. Two massive machines spread it around and compact it. There’s even a huge tarp spread over an area half the size of a football field to keep our garbage from blowing into nearby neighborhoods.

The recycling area is quite something. Our cans, jugs, cardboard and such are sorted and compressed into neat cubicles ready to be shipped off to various recycling operations. I now know why we’re asked to be “a good sort!”

I’m grateful for all the men and women who load our garbage, truck it, pack it, and recycle it. Imagine if these folks weren’t taking care of our waste for us.

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