Image Fall’s Beauty

Rising Leaf Fall Photograph by David McCammon

I love to create an image of fall’s beauty! Such a delightfully delicious time of year. The smells, the fresh cool air, the sounds of crunching leaves underfoot. The light becomes crisper providing an edge to the world.

It’s ouStrawberry Potr last dance in these parts before sliding into the cold of winter.

Our first frost left the begonias wilting in our strawberry pot. It was a tad sad pulling them out and tossing them into the compost. I expressed my gratitude for the ongoing wondrous red blooms they provided through the summer months. 


My perspective?
There’s always beauty  about.                                                                             Photo Lilac Bud by David McCammon Photography

On the coldest day in February you’ll find me celebrating the sunshine or a warm fire, a hot cup of cocoa. Even as the leaves drift down from the trees if you look closely at the branches you can see a new bud in waiting ready to burst out next spring.


And those begonias or some other brilliant annual will burst forth filling the strawberry pot once again. Beauty surrounds us every day. Every day.
We need only pause and have a look for it, nod and say thank you…