Business to Business Portrait

Author Portrait by David McCammon

I’ve been taking a number of author portraits lately. I like to call these Business to Business Portraits!

These dynamic business owners have been in need of portraits for their book cover, images for inside the book and for marketing purposes. Clients have been saying these portrait sessions are fantastic. We have a couple of thorough conversations about their book, their message, how we can get that message to their viewers effectively. Having this conversation allows us to extend those creative ideas during our 3 hour photography session. We photograph on white so the images can be close cropped and placed into any background to embellish the image and message. It is fun, exhilarating, challenging and when we’re done we end up with 6 great portraits. What incredibly interesting and engaged women these folks are with something to say, something to share from their life experience with the intent of making our lives better.

The first fine lady I’d like to talk about is Anna Belov. Listening to her share experiences while in front of my lens I could feel her strength and resolve! She owns a deep understanding of the Real Estate market and has great success investing there. Anna moved to Canada from Russia to be with her future husband. Her English is impeccable. Her immigration story is one filled with persistence and success. If you would like to learn about earning income through Real Estate check out her book:
Just Over Broke? How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities    

Anna graciously gave me a great testimonial. In part she said:

Each picture looks unique and will be a powerful asset for building a strong and compelling brand. Great images make a huge difference!