Art Photography Exhibit in Waterloo

Spring flower photographs

I have 3 images of my art photography in a group photography exhibit to celebrate Spring at the Waterloo Lutheran University Seminary in Waterloo, Ontario. The subject matter is “resurrection”. It is on for the month of April.

7 different photographers, 7 different interpretations of “resurrection”. Such is the joy of seeing the world in our own unique way.  Some are religious in nature, there are documentary style photographs, vacant buildings… I chose to print some spring floral photographs.

One of the images, “crown” is a black and white print. I used to photograph almost exclusively in black and white. I started seeing the world in colour when I dove into digital photography . This is the first b&w image I’ve done in several years. Perhaps I’m entering a hybrid stage of photography?

“tulip” is a vibrant photograph full of the rich colour we see emerging as the brown and gray of winter slides away.

“seedling” bares witness to the determination of life. I’m continually in awe of nature as it appears pushing out of or through what appears to be a totally inhospitable environment.

The seminary is located at the corner of Albert St. and Brickner Ave. on the WLU campus in Waterloo. I hope you can have a look.

Discovery and renewal awaits in every breath.

A surrender to the wiles of nature gently leads me to moments rich with reflection and understanding.

A space with the One.

A meditation of sorts; elemental, restorative.

Resurrection foretold with every breath.